Life. List. Club.

It’s cool to be part of a club. Membership means acceptance. Belonging means we’re not the social pariah we feared we were. The common interests that bind members, and often turn members into friends, assures us that we are not weird alone.

International Oddball Awards--Collecting the Prize


Club members may be weird. But being part of a club means we have found kindred weirdos. Kindred weirdos means we’re less likely to get beat up.

While it is true I am nothing if not odd, Life List Club is not.

Life List Club members are are writing professionals with vision. They looked like they were having fun.

So I approached the playground, asked if I could play, too. I even brought my own ball.

Marcia, Jess, Gary, Jenny, Sonia, David and Lara said yes.

(Look right, and links to my club mates’ sites can be found on the sidebar. Scroll up, and you can see their sun-shiny faces and read their profiles.)

As a writer, with a flitty-flighty muse on my shoulder and a fragile ego (yeah, right), acceptance in the Life List Club meant more than a simple yes.

It is hard to establish a reputation as a writer. So many new to the craft feel unjustified. They could be turning out a thousand words per day, but without that coveted publication label, they don’t fully embrace their craft.

I’m aspiring, they say.


Published or not, we must provide and proclaim our own validation. We write, therefore we are writers. In doing, we become. In doing, we are.

But there is more than simply doing. We must determine our target, set out a path, mark milestones along the journey. We must set goals, and measure our progress.

And that is where my Life List comes in.

My Life List is recorded, but not written in stone. Heck, it isn’t even written on paper! My Life List can be found here.

*Pause for shameless self-promotion: You can sign up to follow my blog, Wildflower, here.*

I’ve laid out my Life List with care, have committed its contents to this club and to cyberspace, and yet, I know it is fluid. Some goals I will meet, others will take more time. Even now, a month after I set the goal, recent events have made me reconsider workshop presentations. This goal is still worthwhile, but is this the direction I want to take this year?

I’ll let you know next March.

What targets are in your sight this year, or this month? Any milestones to celebrate? Let us know.

Next up in the club, Marcia Richards on Friday, March 6. Don’t miss out!


37 responses to “Life. List. Club.

  1. We’re delighted to have you, Sherry!! I’m so glad you were our inaugural post. 🙂

    • Jenny! You love me, you really love me… Okay, that might be (a little) over the top, but I found a club that would let ME in! That doesn’t happen everyday. Testimony to the high quality members already on board.

      Oooo. Pingbacks. Yes, please. If you like this post, there’s more of me to be found at

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  3. Hey Sherry – Great to meet you and welcome! X

  4. Kasey mathews

    Love the concept! Excited for more and Will be back for sure!

  5. My goal? To complete the WIP. That’s daunting.

  6. larissahoffman

    Good for you! I’m happy to hang around “the net” with writers for the same reason. No one else gets my sens of humor (although maybe they don’t either, but are just too polite to tell me). And is that a NASCAR driver you’re kissing? We need to talk.

  7. Hey Sherry! You’re a hit! Just look at all the comment luv you’re getting! We’re so glad you joined us and hope you’re having fun! Great post, too!

    • Phew! I thought I’d have to create new wordpress identities and put plug in my own likes and comments!

      Too funny, Marcia, but I read back this post I composed a month ago, and what do I see? PHLPHLPHL. Two days ago I wrote today’s post for my personal blog, featuring the clip from the movie, ‘Ghost’ where Whoopi Goldberg, as Oda Mae Brown, giving Patrick Swayze the PHLPHLPHL treatment after he makes her give the 4 million dollar check to nuns.

      Now that is synchronicity.

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  9. Right on! You’re right, whether or not we’re published, we need to declare ourselves writers. And I’m so glad you’re part of the club. 😀

  10. Sonia, I am so glad you guys let me in. I’m here, I’m here.

    Just try getting rid of me. Snort.

  11. Glad to have you with us, Sherry. I love what Marcia did with this website, and I’m glad the newbie got the first shot. Okay, so you’re not a newbie any more. Get in line for next time. (JK).

    Jess, if you worked with Marcia on the website, I’ll give you credit, too. I nevffer know for sure which of you does what. You’re both amazing friends and writers.

  12. Welcome to the club, Sherry. Congratulations on kicking off with our inaugural blog post! From our few exchanges on the interwebs, I knew I was going to like your sharp wit and great sense of humor. We are very happy to have you join us to share the journey and the quest. We will not be denied!

    • Hey Gary!

      Okay, let’s get this straight. I’m not funny. I say funny things. Sometimes, I say funny things on purpose. But I’m not funny. I’m actually a bit of a drag.

      I do get to work in my pyjamas tho.

      So glad to be here. WOOT!

  13. “Published or not, we must provide and proclaim our own validation. We write, therefore we are writers. In doing, we become. In doing, we are.” Love that. I’m gonna slap that on my laptop to remind myself of that when I’m in that yucky dark place feeling like a fraud. Great post!

  14. Sherry! It’s me! Gloria! Waving from outside the window.


    You don’t recognize me with my nose smooshed against the glass? Oh. The slobber. Sorry. Thanks ever so much for pointing that out in public. [Scrinch. Scrinch.] Squeaky clean now.

    Love your post and the prompt post on Wildflower. I know you’ll be a wonderful member of LLC.

    • Gloria is in the house, and cleaning the windows no less. Um, next time, let’s try windex?

      Come back and plug Wildflower anytime. Loved Brinda’s guest post on GloriaWrites today. How does she know so much stuff???

  15. We write therefore we are writers. That is a statement I am still trying to get my head around as it applies to me. Thank you for this post and the food for thought it provides.

  16. Yay, Sherry, for a wonderful first post! I’m so excited to get to know you through the Life List Club – it’s great to have you with the rest of us kindred weirdos!

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  18. Sherry, so now I have yet another place to find you!! I don’t mind the hokey-pokey and gladly leave comments wherever you put your left hand in or your right hand out 🙂 Thanks for another interesting place to visit 🙂

  19. Hey Sherry – Marcia told us you were joining the awesome LLC gang. Nice move! (We still have to organize that latte in TO.)
    Congratulations to all of you for establishing your own site so your loyal followers always know where to find you!

  20. Hi Sherry, and welcome to the LLC from a former posting member (and current LLC fan who still gets tons of inspiration from stopping by to see what ya’ll are up to). I love your writing style in this post and looking foward to reading more and sharing this writer’s journey with you. You are so right about kicking the word “aspiring” to the curb. I aspire to be a more-published, more widely read writer. I aspire to be a better writer. But I already AM a writer, as we all are : ).

    • Hawleyville. Love it. Snort. Way to embrace who you are! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll visit again. I know I’ll be taking a closer look at your blog this evening.

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