It’s Spring and I Feel Like…

Today is my first post on our Life List Club blog! It’s all shiny and new.

Oh, just look at that picture of the ocean up there in the header. Don’t you want to be there now? I took that photo on my honeymoon two years ago on Folly Beach, South Carolina.

Every time I look at that ocean, I get tingly and excited! I feel refreshed and ready to begin a new project. Spring has a similar effect on me. I feel the burning desire to clean and organize. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

As I was setting myself up on our new blog, I updated and assessed my Life List. The list is comprised of big goals and small, everyday goals. Creating that sort of list prevents you from ever feeling like a slacker, because there is always some small goal you can achieve easily.

Since I’m feeling springy and refreshed, I decided to begin work on one of those goals, a medium-sized one. Painting chairs.

chair planter similar to one by Marcia Richards

This style chair is similar to the one I painted. Mine was a sage green with tiny flowers painted all over.

Several years ago, I came across the idea to paint chairs for a couple of different uses: 1. painting chairs to be used in your home as a clever accent with color and style, and 2. painting chairs in solid colors or funky patterns to be used in your yard as planters.

I loved the ideas and right away searched yard sales for old, mismatched, or tired chairs that needed some love and care to become a unique addition to someone’s home or yard.

Before rushing home with my treasures, I visited my favorite craft store for paints in dozens of colors (so much fun!) and other tools I’d need. Once home, I started right in on sanding, prepping and painting my chair. I just wish I had taken a picture of it.

I gave the chair, complete with plants, to my closest girlfriend. It was lovingly positioned in her garden near her swimming pool.

I began a second one soon after, however life circumstances changed and I never finished it. That’s how this project made it to my Life List.

Marcia Richards' painted chairs for outdoor planters or home use

Shall I make my almost finished chair an outdoor planter or an inside chair?

Creating A Life List with a variety of goals Is The path to making time for the things you love to do, as well as the things that need to get done.

I’m planning to finish this chair before summer. I also plan to paint a third chair before summer is over.

A Life List serves many positive purposes. This time it served as a reminder to make time for my passions…all of them.

How does your Life List serve you?

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15 responses to “It’s Spring and I Feel Like…

  1. Marcia, you are a genius. I’m always telling others to fill their life, and goals, with balance. Your post is a huge ‘duh’ moment for me. I need to update my list!

    But first, I must decide which pursuits are must-dos, because I don’t have time for all the fun I’d like to have, or all the crafts and new skills I’d like to learn.

    Sneak peek: I’d like to resume horseback riding lessons.

  2. Oh, Sherry, a girl after my own heart! I love riding horses but haven’t done it since I was a young woman. When I get back in shape, I’m definitely going back to riding. Good for you! Keep me posted on that goal!

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  4. Those chairs are fabulous! I love ’em. I also love that posting our smaller goals and achieving them is so encouraging. Success really does breed success, even the little successes.

    • Thanks, Sonia! It was you who really drilled into all of us LLC writers that we need to take baby steps to accomplish goals. Such great advice! My list is an off-shoot of your lesson. Keep goals that you can accomplish everyday and feel good about!

  5. I agree with Sonia! The one you are working on is so pretty, but I can see how it might take some time! I was just thinking about the fact that I don’t have much time in my life for other, more recreational pursuits. That’s kind of what writing is, but sometimes it’s more like a second job I don’t get paid for. I think that’s where playing with my kids fits in. When I spend time with them, I relax and have fun and laugh and truly play. That’s wonderful time well spent!

  6. I don’t know how all of you young moms do it all. I guess I handled as much when I was your age, but now it seems daunting. Kudos to you Lara, and other moms, for making time for your writing and your family first. One day you will have extra time to devote to something that doesn’t feel like work. 🙂

  7. What a gorgeous chair, Marcia!! I want one!!! Right in my backyard, looking all darling and purple. 🙂

    I’m completely having a hard time balancing this month and periodically, I go to my Life List and assure myself that it’s about baby steps. Usually that lets me breathe long enough to take a few steps.

  8. Thanks, Jenny! I’d love to send you one but, can you imagine shipping from NY to CA? Oy!
    I know how you feel, been there…a lot! Sonia’s baby steps really are the way to go. Making lists might help, too, if you’re not already doing that. Hope it gets better.

  9. Hi Marcia! I love getting the feeling of accomplishment when I complete a job similar to your chair projects. Let me be honest and say, I don’t do this type of thing very often. I once painted a rusty old park bench in the back yard of a home I purchased. It was an eye sore. After sanding and a fresh coat of paint, the park bench looked brand new. Every time I looked at the bench, I felt rewarded for the time and effort I put into it. A few times, folks who visited asked me about the bench as they wondered where it came from.

    To your point, setting a goal and making the time can end up being a very rewarding experience.

    • Oh yes, I know what you mean, Gary! Plus an activity like this is just for us. It’s not work, it’s not caring for someone, it’s not giving to the community…it’s just for us. That adds to the reward of accomplishment, I think. Thanks for coming by!

  10. Marcia, I loved hearing about another creative side of you! Would love to see some photos of your painted chairs. And I so get what you mean about both spring and the ocean. Being on the beach, even if it is on a cold day when I have to bundle up and can only handle the wind for a little bit, just makes me feel so inspired. I’m like that with all bodies of water, actually, but the ocean is so endless that it just makes me think “possibilities.”

    • Pam, that red and yellow one is the one I have to finish. My first one I, sadly, never got a picture of, but I won’t let that happen again.
      I know what you mean about possibilities. I don’t think I could ever live where I couldn’t get to the ocean or at least a big lake whenever I needed it. So good to see you!

  11. I was the recipient of that beautiful chair that I had for many years before the weather finally got to it. I was so sad as it was my favorite garden piece by far, not only because it was beautiful, but that it was from my close friend who spent many hours painstakingly painting all the beautiful detail on it, AND made it for me. It’s such a cool craft and especially for someone like me who is not too crafty — I appreciate it even more! Such creations that we can make. I am always so impressed with my friends’ talent. They are all crafty in lots of different ways so I am very lucky.

    • Aww, Helen, thank you for such a lovely comment. I’ll make you another, one of these days! Or maybe I’ll come up with something entirely different for your gorgeous garden. I’m so lucky to have you for a friend. 🙂

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