Guerilla Tactics for Writers

Hello LLC Team,

I hope it’s not too early for this, but I’m ready and raring to go having just returned from Texas’ DFW Writers’ Conference!

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The conference theme this year was all about the changing face of publishing.  If you’re interested in that topic, I shared a personal and informative post yesterday at my place, Celebrating My Writer’s Slump!

Today, I’d like to give you tactics.  See, conferences are an amazing, magical land full of writers and ideas that come so fast you have to stab them down with your pen into the paper or they’ll fly off to some other welcoming atmosphere which could be the laptop sitting next to you.  *horror movie scream*

But I’m here to help.  I’ve previously said in LLC posts that I’m more of a boot camp than baby step kind of girl.  I like to tackle challenges.  So when I started the conference day by taking New York Times Bestselling Author Lori Wilde’s Guerilla Tactics for Writers class, I was moonstruck!

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No, not that one!  Stay with me!

NoLori Wilde (image courtesy

Lori Wilde has published over 40-some romance novels!  Starting out like all of us, Lori dreamed of becoming a writer since she was a little girl.  But her mother informed her if she was planning on being a writer, then she better sit down and write!

Since that time, Lori has taught many up and coming authors guerilla tactics for writing.  Her lessons are simple, but focused and smart.  For those of you pursuing other goals besides writing, I think you’ll still be able to apply many of the tips Lori teaches.

Guerrilla Tactics for Writers

  • Think of your fun as focused fun.  Everything you do is research for your books, maybe not the one you’re currently writing, but possibly the next.
  • Avoid editing your first draft!  Plan it, but don’t edit it.  Otherwise, you may never finish it.
  • Look like the bestselling author you want to be!  When we perceive ourselves in our dream role, we start to behave ourselves for the dream role, and soon enough we become our dream role!
  • Make yourself milestone markers. (Ok team, if you’re a part of LLC and you’re NOT already doing this…we will hunt you down and find you!) 
  • Reward yourself for making goals.  If just setting a goal isn’t enough to drive you to complete it, give yourself the goal with a reward to follow.  Maybe after you achieve your word count, you get to buy 2 new songs on I-Tunes to jam out to!

What do you think of Lori’s tactics?  Can you apply them to your own writing process?  What about to life in general?  I hope so because we have a challenge coming up for you soon!

The next milestone party is on June 29th, just a little over a month away!  And we want to hear from you!  So if you haven’t started already, get your life list going!  We’ll all be checking in that day and we want to support you!  Expect prizes and encouragement on your journey, plus you know, cyber treats and hanging out with all your friends!

Speaking of friends!!! Look I met at the DFW Conference!

First two of the LLC writers to meet! Me and David N. Walker. He’s every bit as charming as you’d imagine a Texas gentleman. So nice to have met you, David!

Until next time, friends.  Tell me how your life list is going!


10 responses to “Guerilla Tactics for Writers

  1. Hi Jess, it seems like you’re always coming back from another trip. How do you make time to write? Thanks for sharing Lori’s tips. I may even end up using one or two of them.

    Nice picture of you and David!

    • Yah, my travels seem to have piled up together. I’ve got a shorter trip to Madeline Island coming up for my book club and then a break for a few months. LOL And to answer your question, I still write while I’m traveling, but it’s in my journal, a notebook, or at the hotel!

  2. Thanks for sharing Lori’s list with us. Loved your blog post on the conference!

  3. Jess, I loved yours and David’s posts on the DFWcon! Wish i could have been there! Last year as I began a novel, I edited it constantly as I wrote. Drove myself nuts to the point where I had to put it down…it’s still down. lol Now with my novella, I’ve been moving right along, not editing as I go, except for the occasional typo. I have a goal of publishing before the end of July. It’s a flexible deadline since I’m not sure how long editing and revising will take. I do the other things on Lori’s list except ‘Look like the best-selling author you want to be’. Not sure exactly what that means, but I assume it mean professional and business-like. When I’m writing, no one should look at me—you’d turn into a pile of ash! But when I’m out, I look a little better–I brush my hair. lol
    So glad you had so much fun and learned a bunch, too!

    • LOL I don’t think you’re the only one who writes in pj’s. A lot of writers do. As long as you brush your hair before mingling you’re good.

      I said it before but it deserves once more, I’m so excited about your novella and your thought out marketing plan. Keep it up Medus…I mean Marcia! 😉

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  5. Love the tips! I especially like looking at everything we do as research for this or the next novel. Although I am getting some funny looks as I might be watching people a little too much while I’m out and about. LOL

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