What Are the Fun Goals on Your To Do List?


It’s a holiday week, so that means it’s time to break away from the rules, bend the structure, and wear that naughty underwear no one knows you’re wearing but you!  😉

I’ve been thinking about my to do list a lot lately.  With Fast Draft over I couldn’t wait to have some peace and quiet for a few days, but now I feel like I’m moving too slow.  I went from hyper drive surviving off of cheese and crackers and caffeine, and now I feel like my goals are moving slowly but summer is flying by!

You know how when summer begins, and you have all these great plans about trips to the beach, lazing away in a hammock, vacations to tropical places, cookouts full of junk food, and a margarita in each hand!

Well, this morning I took Julie Glover’s quiz, What Kind of Summer Person Are You?  And you know what, I was a Summer Scrooge!  Me???  I’m not a summer scrooge am I?

Ok, so I’m still working 50+ hours/week, coming home and putting in a movie that came out several years ago and falling asleep on the couch.  It’s hot out!  Wisconsin is in the middle of an unholy heat wave!  100+°s and humid!  And the mayflies and mosquitos are at their worst.  Every time I’m out for more than 10 minutes I have 8 new bites on my legs and the vision of a lone mosquito pickin’ his teeth with the remaining bones of his last victim!

But I still made that summer to do list!  And I want to fulfill it.  Here are some of the things I wanted to do this summer, and I’ve got just under 2 months to make it happen.

  1. Take a road trip vacation with Joe out west to Yellowstone National Park.  – This one is happening, we’ve booked our campsite!
  2. Make it to the beach at least 3x.
  3. Watch a live baseball game.
  4. Visit Niagara Cave in Harmony, MN
  5. Tour La Crosse’s Historic Points
  6. Complete the Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program
  7. Have a Party in our Backyard- And you’re all invited!!!
  8. Lay in the Hammock as much as possible!
  9. Eat lunch at the Guadalupe Shrine.
  10. Maybe Get Another Tattoo.

So what are the fun things on your to do list?  Don’t forget to take time for the fun parts of life just as much as the serious ones! 

24 responses to “What Are the Fun Goals on Your To Do List?

  1. I hear you on the heat. I usually want to hibernate in the summer, LOL.

    Next week is That Man’s vacation and we’ve got day trips planned. Each of us (6) picked a local, within an hour drive thing we’ve wanted to do since moving here but just never got around to, activity. But that’s about as far as we’ve planned! With kids, there’s a lot more playing things by ear, at least in our family.

    • I love mini trips when you haven’t experienced something yet. That’s why I’ve got Niagara Cave on my list, but I also wanted to learn more about my own city and hope to hit up some of the historical society houses.

      Enjoy your trip!

  2. Well, I’ve already taken the beach trip.

    My friend and cover artist, Anya Kelleye, and I want to book a cabin by the river for a couple of days and do nothing but read, write, and eat. We’ve been talking about it for a year, so maybe this time we’ll do it!

    • I’ve been saying for years I wanted to take a reading retreat vacation. I’m hoping next year to take a long weekend with my honey in Northern Wisconsin and stay in at a cabin on Lake Superior. That will be a great spot.

      What are you taking along to read?

      • Actually, I’m going to be writing and my friend is going to be reading. LOL. But I would probably take my Kindle, which is LOADED with books I haven’t read yet. 🙂 Everything from paranormal romance, horror, mystery, regency romance, sci-fi, fantasy…my reading taste is all over the place.

        I don’t want to take my hubby along because he would want the TV on all the time. Anya is the only person I know that can be quiet and read and leave me alone while I’m writing.

  3. Spend time with the grandsons at t-balls games, reading before they go to bed, playing board games, bowling, playing soccer in the backyard. Ongoing.

    Start memoir-like novel or novella about the week Mom and I spent at Rehoboth Beach in ’66. Started, notes outlined.

    Work on poetry collection. Started, editing, re-writing.

    Continue blog. Ongoing.

    Study a language. Welsh or German. Have software, will travel.

    Read – classics, poetry, self-pubbed – as much as possible.

    • Ooh I love your goal list! A phenomenal mix of career goals and summer fun! Did you the spend the 4th with the grandkids? I had some friends in town from Tennessee and we had a cookout and watched the town fireworks.

      Best of luck and lots of fun on your life list!

  4. Family always comes first, for me. Yes, 7/4 was awesome! The grands spent the day climbing into and out of military vehicles, tanks, helicopters; I spent the day climging into and out of military vehicles, tanks, and helicopters. A “best” day.

  5. Great list! Yellowstone is on my someday-soon list. 🙂 This summer, I’m excited for ThrillerFest and my mom’s visit next month…hopefully a lot of writing, music and boxing in between. (That last bit is WIP research. ;))

  6. I wonder what kind of summer person I am! Right now the only goal I went into the summer with was to plot and maybe get the first draft done of my next novel. I am not doing so good, but after I get my house in order, that’s my main focus! Really…. I promise.

  7. Sounds like a fun list! I’m probably more of a summer scrooge. I don’t enjoy the high heat and I’m not really a beach person. I love spring and fall. 😀

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  9. Sonia, I took the test, and I’m a Summer Sweetie! Yippee!

    I’m fortunate to be a writer with a gazebo and an excellent laptop battery. This summer and last, I did most of my work outside. WOOT!

    • I do that occasionally. Depends on whether my neighbor is talking on her phone next door, or yelling at her boyfriend. Then it’s not really a productive work time.

  10. Well I just bought a home this year and the mortgage as it always happens is beyond ( only a little) beyond my means , so my summer list got changed from vacations to introspection , from movies to reading story books for kids , from foreign trips to outdoor extravaganza next door , and from cock/mocktails to fresh lime water ( with salt , no sugar) and lots of talks with famillllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    • Nothing wrong with any of those substitutes. I was in a similar situation for awhile, and the biggest getaway was to a science museum in a city 3 hours away. It’s still an adventure. If there’s a library in your town, check out what events they host! Mine has a lot of free outings and events: Movie nights, historical walks, book discussion groups, game night, garden club. Who knows, you might meet some new people and have fun too!

      • And

        You may meet some one
        who stays deep inside
        within the realms of self ….

        You can meet your wind chime
        who sings to the morning
        with each sunrise …

        You can meet the laughter
        that has forgotten your address
        for quite sometime ….

        Thanks lady …:)

        • Love that last stanza “You can meet the laughter that has forgotten your address for quite sometime.” Thanks for sharing that!

        • Keep smiling and writing jess….. Make the wings out of your metaphors and fly with the clouds …god bless

  11. Well, I’ve obviously been too busy because I could have sworn I had already commented on this post! LOL. I’ve gotten in a trip to the beach, the water park, and church camp thus far, as well as some sleeping in late. Next week, I’m at camp again. But summer fun trips will have to wait. This author thing doesn’t pay enough. I want James Patterson’s salary so I can go on a cruise. :p

    Loved the list, Jess! Have a great summer.

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