Sherry Isaac

Sherry isaac

Raised by Nancy Drew and Miss Marple, Alice Munro Short Story Award winner and MAGGIE Finalist Sherry Isaac’s rich storytelling is laced with a pinch of mystery, spiced with a dash of the unexpected and served with a dollop of suspense. Resistant to any one genre, her novels and short stories weave the common thread of everyday life, love and forgiveness into tales that transcend all things, including the grave. Sherry believes in romance, identity and the depth of the human soul.


Query process

  • Polish synopsis
  • Research & target 8 agents
  • One query every six weeks per novel until goal is achieved
  • Research and target more agents as necessary

Lose 10 pounds

  • Mathematically, less than a pound per month. Very doable.
  • Daily 30-minute walks
  • Yoga & stretching
  • Elliptical, 3*45 sessions weekly
  • Stop eating after 8 at night (No brainer. So why is it so hard?)

Workshop presentations

  • Short Story Structure, spit & polish
  • Platform before Publication, write
  • Seek out venues to present

Expand audience

  • Resurrect Wildflower
  • Line up guest authors for Romance & Beyond (5 minimum)
  • Host guest authors on Wildflower
  • Guest blog. Optimum: once per month
  • Life List Club (I’m here!)
  • Utilize Goodreads blog
  • Manage social media time
  • Blog rotation schedule to support blogs I follow

Become a more active member of RWA

  • Attend at least 8 Toronto Romance Writers Meetings in 2012
  • Volunteer for Word on the Street
  • Join Kiss of Death Chapter

Writing Craft

  • Fab 30 with Margie Lawson
  • Madness to Method with Tiffany Lawson Iman


  • A Woman’s Place, draft
  • Ambrosia, draft
  • Decadence, outline

Read more

  • Devote 30 minutes minute per evening for reading
  • Minimum 12 books/One book per month
  • To Be Read Pile Challenge 2012 (12 books)
  • Goodreads Reading Challenge (24 books)

Carpe Diem

  • One lunch/coffee/chinwag (at least) with a (non-writing) friend per month
  • Embrace hubby and family time daily
  • Wear heels and contacts more
  • Watch Gone With the Wind

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